Wind doesn't hit the entire surface of your roof with the same amount of strength, because of that, it can damage some areas that seem strong while other areas are unaffected. Corners, edges, and the exposed ridges suffer most frequently from wind damage.

For instance, where shingles hang slightly over the edge of your roof, wind can get under it and curl it up - or even rip it clean off. This is the type of damage that's easiest to spot visually. Anytime wind removes a shingle, the roof will develop a leak in that spot (and anywhere below it, since water runs downward). Keep in mind that high winds can "lift" shingles without removing them. Most often, this is caused by suction from the wind passing over the top of the shingles, rather than getting under them. In this case, your roof may look intact from the ground. But all the while, water is seeping underneath the loose, lifted shingles. Lifted shingles lead to broken sealant - and leaks over time.

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